11 Most Important Soft Skills Every Professional Needs | Upgrade Your Career

11 Most Important Soft Skills Every Professional Needs Upgrade Your Career

1. Communication Skills

Conveying information succinctly, simply, repeatedly if needed and in the most effective medium getting hold of the audience’s limited attention span by being very relevant.

2. People Skills

Working and getting along with right people and ensuring they know our value the ‘give and take’ principle. Making others feel good. Look at things from others points of view.

3. Self Management Skills

How we manage ourselves, our attitude, our emotions, our mental and physical health and our skills with managing our time.

4. Boss Management

Making the boss shine and making sure the boss understands your value.

5. Managing Subordinates

Being able to motivate them and smartly matching tasks with people’s interest and abilities.

6. Leadership Skills

Knowing the correct destination and convincing others to come along and often using out-of-the-box thinking and actions.

7. Marketing Skills

Getting our target customers to notice the usefulness/benefits of our product/services.

8. Productivity/Time Management Skills

Getting more done the most important tasks done first using smarty to-do lists, cheat sheets, checklists, shortcuts, delegation etc.

9. Career Management Skills

Being relevant and useful in the marketplace, working hard, regularly updating skills (or finding newer areas to be useful in) and finding a work-life balance.

10. Job Searching & Job-interview Skills

Knowing what we want from our career, finding the right places to work striking a rapport with interviewers coming off as enthusiastic interested and having the right attitude.

11. Creativity & Problem Solving Skills

Thinking outside the box looking at a problem from multiple angles and arriving at decisions after considering multiple options.