4 Realistic Passive Income Ideas That Can Make You $3000 Per Month

4 Realistic Passive Income Ideas That Can Make You $3000 Per Month

Passive income is a great way to earn money consistently, even when you don’t need to work like a regular job. You need to spend a few hours out of your 24 hours to develop a side business that generates a passive income stream. Here, I share you 4 profitable passive income ideas that will generate unlimited earnings if you can work hard and sticky struggle till success. 4 Realistic Passive Income Ideas:

1. Sell Course Online

Making money online by selling courses is a much better way now. You can create courses on any topic and upload them to popular online marketplaces. You will get a fixed amount every time a sale is made. The company will deduct some money from there and you will get the rest of the money. This way you will keep earning month after month from that single course. Just one course can provide you an excellent source of income and can change your life.

You don’t need a lot of academic background to create a course. You create courses on the subject you are good at and upload them online and promote them in the initial stage. There are many popular platforms where you can upload and sell your courses.

2. Sell eBooks

Making money by selling books online is a good passive income idea for those who love to write books and want to earn money by selling books. Thousands of e-books are sold every day on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. If you write 1-2 e-books and upload them once on Amazon Kindle Marketplace, then you will keep earning profit every month from there. As long as this goes on, your income will keep on increasing. This is a great passive income idea for you. You can write eBooks on the following high demand topics: Science Fiction, Romance, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Crafts, Hobbies & Home, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Comics, Children eBooks, etc.

eBooks are usually 30 to 50 pages long. If you are fond of writing, then write yourself. Or you can hire another writer to write something which can cost you anywhere from $50 to $100. With this one book you will earn profit month after money from a channel which will change your life.

3. Affiliate Marketing

One of the most lucrative ways to make passive income online is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a simple business for which you need a website through which you can promote the products of other companies and in return they will give you commission. Affiliate marketing is preferred by people because there is no hassle of product shipping and no need for customer support. Just promote and sell products through your website and you will be making money month after month. It is an unlimited source of income.

4. Become A YouTuber

Owning a good YouTube channel means being a millionaire. If you have a popular YouTube channel, you can earn a lot of money through it. A YouTube channel will bring you money in many ways such as through Google AdSense, through affiliate marketing, selling your own course, selling your own product, sponsored ads, etc.

If you know how to cook well, open a recipe channel. Create and upload good cooking videos daily. Share them on social media sites. Try to increase subscriber.

Once your channel reaches a certain number of subscribers, you can start earning money from your channel. Initially you may have to work hard for few months but then you can earn a lot of money from a channel which will change your life.

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