5 Secrets To Talking To Others Confidently.

5 Secrets To Talking To Others Confidently.

1. Eye contact is everything.

Making eye contact while talking to a person is as important as talking itself. Studies have proved that when a person looks into your eyes, you are more likely to connect with them and vice versa.

Now, if you are a shy person who feels uncomfortable looking into someone’s eyes then try focusing on the glabella (the space between the eyebrows) of the person you are talking to or focus on the color of the pupil of his/her eyes.

2. Smile while talking.

A Smiley face is always appreciated against a frowny or blank face. Think of it like this: who would you like to talk to, a person with a warm and welcoming smile on his/her face or a person with no expression on his/her face at all? I know in most cases, you will choose the person with a smile.

Smiles are contagious. People always smile back when you treat them with a smile on your face. Your smiley face represents that you are a warm and charming personality and people love to connect with a personality like this.

3. Talking to yourself – OUT LOUD.

Everyone talks to themselves in their mind, but when it comes to increasing your self-confidence while talking, you should consider talking to yourself – OUT LOUD. It’s a very effective way to let everything that’s in your heart come out which is by the way very necessary. Talking to yourself increases your self-confidence.

4. Don’t be shy to initiate a conversation.

How many times have you taken the initiative to talk to someone? I know when you lack confidence, you barely do that. But this is exactly what you want to change.

5. Practice.

Practice makes perfect, this saying is too old but true gold. if you want to master the are of talking to others confidently, then you should do it again and again – the more the better. Repeating is the most important thing to do when it comes to learning something new.

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