5 Ways to Find Inspiration When You Are Lost.

5 Ways to Find Inspiration When You Are Lost.

1. Read more and more books.

Every successful person on this planet is a great reader. In fact, Warren Buffett spends 80% of his day reading books.
Books are a great source of inspiration. They are like gold mines. They carry a generous amount of treasure inside them. They teach, motivate, inspire, encourage us to do the right things.

2. Watch your idols.

Words are so POWERFUL and they make a tremendous impact on your life. When you are lost and looking for something that can shake you up and inspires you from the inside out, listening to your idols and mentors can do wonders for you.

When you hear them saying what you want to listen to, there will be an instant change in your energy. It will give you the power and the push you need to take action. It shifts your mindset and energy super quickly.

3. Make Connections.

Meeting new people gives you a fresh vision to look around things. When you meet new people, you chat, share ideas and thoughts; and the conversation between you two(or more) gives you a different way to think and look.

4. Make an idea bank.

The best ideas come from the most random places like on the evening walk with your dog, while talking on the phone, scrolling news feeds, doing household chores, it can be anywhere. So, making an idea bank is a great way to secure them before they skip out of your head.

Idea bank is nothing but a collection of ideas that come to your mind and also other people’s ideas/work that your find inspiring; and that can be anything like a quote, an Instagram or Facebook post, an image, an article, or maybe an ad. Categorize them according to your niche and business tasks.

5. Create an inspiring atmosphere.

You can create an atmosphere that inspires you by –

  • Keep the stuff that is related to your work near you,
  • Keep water by your side, to stay hydrated,
  • Play some music in the background that you motives you,
  • Make sure your workplace is not too comfortable.