5 Ways to improve your Business Communication Skills.

5 Ways to improve your Business Communication Skills.

1. Address people by their name.

It feels good to be recognized by the name that you identify yourself with so make conversation more personalized with the people you work with by using their names in a polite and respectful manner.

2. Don’t be afraid to write things Down.

Writing something down mid-conversation is a good way to prove that you’re listening to someone and that you will remember any key points.

3. Read something over before you send it.

Without inflection and body language to communicate your points, a lot of meaning get lost over emails or text messages. Make sure that you’re clear in your message.

4. Being polite goes a long way.

A simple smile, a nod of your head, or a kind gesture can make a big impact on the people you interact with.

5. Give some thought before you speak.

Remember you can’t take back what you just said, but you can edit your thoughts before they become words.