6 Most Common Instagram Mistakes in 2022

6 Most Common Instagram Mistakes in 2022

Here are the most common mistakes I see around here on Instagram Try to avoid these to make the most of Instagram for your business or brand.

Using General #SOCIALMEDIA hashtags in your bio will not get you discovered more.
It actually allows people to click on the hashtag and exit your profile and potentially run into you competitor.

URLS are not clickable inside of your Instagram captions.
While you can list a simple URL, I recommend staying away from custom URL’s that are too long and complicated for people to copy.

Because you don’t want to show your face or other excuses. You can still create reels without having to show your face and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of time utilize this extra reach!

Yep, There is such thing. You need a content strategy in place. Just because reels get you in front of the most people, Doesn’t mean you should only be pushing for reels.
Each type of content serves its own purpose. Remember that no everyone wants to consume video all the time.

You can no longer wing it on social media in 2022. Your page and content needs to have a purpose. There’s a lot of content out there that is lacking purpose and therefore strategy.
Before you create a post ask yourself: What is the purpose of this post? As long as you know the answer you;re on the right track.

It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to provide value without being “SALESY” but your product/service solves someone’s problem.
You have to talk about your offer in order to sell and make someone’s life easier. They may have to see your offer 10x before they consider it.