6 Websites That Will Pay You $15 An Hour

6 Websites That Will Pay You $15 An Hour

Rev.com – Provides different freelance online jobs such as captioner, translator, transcriber and more. Pay ranges $250-$1500/month.

VIPKID.com – Hires both experienced and non-experienced tutors to teach English to Chinese children. Must be a degree holder with a native English accent. Pays $14-$22/hour.

Emoderation.com – Work as social media moderator from anywhere in the world. Standard pay is $15/hour.

WorldWide101.com – Work as a virtual assistant, Your tasks may vary depending on what the client needs. Pay ranges from $10-$15/hour.

LeapForce.com – Get paid to rate search engines. Requires a high-speed stable internet connection. Pays $12-$15/hour.

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