How to develop a habit to grow in life.

How to develop a habit to grow in life.

1. Set a goal.

If you want to develop a habit, start with setting a goal of what you want to achieve or accomplish.
Setting a goal is like defining your aim and without an aim, you can’t prepare your brain to do something. This isn’t as hard as it sound. Say you want to develop a habit of writing and to set a goal for that, you only have to tell your brain that your want to write. it’s as simple as that.

When you set a goal, always start small. Make a small commitment first and then gradually level it up.

2. Be consistent.

Consistency is the key to success. you can master anything you want when you do it consistently. It makes you better and better and improves your skillset which leads you to become a master of anything.

3. Develop a pattern.

The Human brain is just awesome, in every sense. Although, every individual is different; the basic functionality of the brain and the pattern it follows are quite similar. This is how we learn, think and remember the things around us.
Now, before developing a new habit, you must consider developing a pattern first. A pattern can be anything like observing your surroundings and picking anything from that and memorizing it every time you practice your routine.

4. Reward yourself.

Everyone has cravings. You might not admit it but yeah, you do. So why not just take advantage of that.
Reward yourself with something you love when you achieve the desired goal. If you want to develop a habit and make it last longer then try rewarding yourself when you accomplish something you fix your mind to.

5. Change your environment.

Have you ever noticed that when you keep a water bottle with you, you are more likely to drink water from that bottle than without it? And if you keep the book that you want to read right on the corner table, you are more likely to read it when you go to bed?
That’s how the environment around us affects our behavior. Environment makes a huge impact on personal growth. It affects the mood, the energy, and the vibes around you.
When you are in the process of developing a new habit, try and create an environment that will help you achieve your goal. keep everything that inspires and motivates you and avoid things that distract you.