How to Get Started on Instagram?

How to Get Started on Instagram

Since you are reading this, you already have an instagram account 🙂

Time to turn your profile into a working tool, Which can bring you views, results and profit.

  1. Which account to use: Business vs Creator
  2. Setting up a right name, avatar and bio
  3. Biosites
  4. How Instagram formats work
  5. Content Strategy
  6. Content Plan
  7. How to track your performance
  8. Conclusions

Business vs Creator


  • Insights into audience demographics, best times to post and more.
  • Contact Information options and CTA buttons
  • Promote Instagram posts as Ads
  • Inbox sorting
  • Optional profile category


  • Daily follower/unfollower count
  • Give permission to businesses to promote content as ads
  • Access to Instagram’s Creator Studio


  • Third-party scheduling tool integration
  • Sync an Instagram Shop with your profile

First Impression

Memorable, bright, beautiful. If this is a personal profile, add your face with a smile. your profile picture will be seen more than your content, remember it.

Should be memorable and easy to find, better without numbers. It can be your business name, your name, or niche + name.

Use simple and effective name. Add your niche keywords to your profile name. For example, Reel Tips, Business Growth.

Add relevant keywords. And value, achievements, write who you are, explain what you do. Use understandable words that your customers are searching for.


Biosites are personal websites. Platforms like Instagram and other socials allow to add only 1 link in the bio.
Biosites enables you to share all your social media links, articles, products, promocodes etc. using only 1 site.
It’s ultimate tool for both, creators and business. Your audience and customers can find everything they’re looking for in one place.
There are many types of BioSites, We suggest trying ours- freak news daily. It’s free to use main functionality without any limits.
With pro version you will have:

  • Link/button analytics,
  • Click and views geography

Instagram Formats

One of the most popular and effective formats on Instagram in 2022. You can create everything in Reels except carousels and long videos 🙂

Oldest format on Instagram. Posts are still worth using. You can build your strategy around them and it will be effective.

Great community-building tool for anyone on Instagram. They are easy to create, fast and informal. Perfect for boosting audience engagement.

They are made for different goals and tasks. All of them are still worth using and very effective in some cases.


A Content Strategy helps you define your goals and set priorities. It allows you to plan your work and ensure that all effort is goal driven.

  1. Determine Your Goals
  2. Analyze your niche
  3. Figure out who’s your target audience
  4. Create your tone of voice
  5. Create your own identity
  6. Choose Instagram formats to grow with
  7. Create Content Plan

After some time come back to this steps and think again. Because even a new account goal needs a new approach.


A content plan defines all the marketing assets and content creation that you’ll need to implement your content strategy.
Companies that have a content plan are more likely to feel like their content is successful than those that don’t.


  1. Create rubrics for your content. At least, 3-5. Each of the rubrics should perform its goal.
  2. Select a table or program where you will plan the content.
  3. Write down the ideas, rubrics and goals for publication you will create (Posts and Reels for the next 30 Days).
  4. Set deadlines and time when you need to have content ready. Do it in advance and have fallbacks.
  5. After the content is posted, write it down in a spreadsheet, write down thoughts and ideas.
  6. After some time, write down the results of your publications, draw conclusions and create content plan for next 30 days.


Without analytics and correct conclusions, all of this will not work 100%.
Surely you already know what likes, comments, reposts and saves are but their value is different.

In addition to these indicators, there is a total number of reach, views and loyalty of your audience and even the quality of your content can be calculated.
Engagement is a valuable metric for marketers because it means that viewers are responding to the content. You can calculate your Engagement in percents using Engagement rate by reach (most common).


  1. The most important thing is the success of you or your business.
  2. Get your priorities right. Instagram should solve problems and help you achieve goals.
  3. A lot of content likes or views without a properly packaged profile will not give you results.
  4. Without a strategy, content plan and analytics, it is almost impossible to be successful on Instagram.
  5. Compare yourself to yourself a week/month/year ago. You will always have more successful competitors, with better performance.