Step by step instructions on how to earn $100 a day using Facebook

Step by step instructions on how to earn $100 a day using Facebook

Earning money using Facebook is not unrealistic. Lots of people are earning thousands of dollars per month sitting at home using Facebook. If you get the right guidance, then you can also earn a lot from here. Today I will show you how to earn $500 to $1,000 in a month from Facebook. There are many ways to make money from Facebook, each using a different method. People all over the world are earning a lot of money on Facebook by doing simple tasks like copy paste job, comment posting, group posting, liking, sharing etc. You can use any method. Come on, let’s start.

Facebook is the world’s largest social community site with millions of visitors including men, women, students, kids, children, teenagers and almost all types of people who come for entertainment, learning, business and other purposes. So there is a great opportunity to make a lot of money on Facebook as you will get a lot of target audience here to promote your products, offers and services. Thousands of big companies and marketers are making big bucks from Facebook. So are you ready to earn money from Facebook? Follow the methods given below.

Method-1: Make Money Using Your Own Fan Page:

Fan page is a good way to earn money on Facebook. There are lots of marketers who have a popular fan page where they have few million page likes, and they are earning more than $1000 every day just promoting their own products, services, offers, affiliate products, CPA offers and etc. By giving There is a popular fan page, you can also earn money like them. So first of all you need to create a fan page then post some valuable and informative content like articles, videos, tutorials etc on it and share this post in relevant groups and you can create paid campaign to promote your post Like can increase the likes. , Share, and Comments.

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If you post good content on your fan page and share it with relevant groups, you will see a rapid increase in fan page likes day by day. But it works slowly, for faster result you have to create a paid campaign on Facebook. When you reach a certain amount of 10,000 or 20,000 likes, you can promote your products, offers, services, CPA/affiliate products. And usually with 20,000 likes, you can earn $200-$300 per month, sometimes even more. And when you reach 1,00,000 likes on your fan page, you can easily and automatically earn over $1000 per month. So the more likes your page gets, the more money you can earn from Facebook.

How to promote products, services and offers on your Fan Page:

Write some catchy text in the form of a post and upload an attractive image of your product, service and offer. Insert the link of your product or service or offer and finally publish that post. When done, click on edit post section and you will see pin post option there, click on pin post and do it. Ok, now your post is a featured post and it will always be in the top position of your fan page. When you regularly publish new free posts to your Fan Page, they will be posted below your pinned posts. In this way, you can easily promote various profitable offers, service or products. And also there are some paid apps to promote products on your fan page, you can find them on google search.

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Method-2: Affiliate marketing:

A good way to make money on Facebook is by promoting affiliate products on Facebook groups. Many people around the world are regularly promoting various affiliate products like Clickbank products on Facebook groups and earning thousands of dollars every day. You will see that there are thousands of members available in each group.

If you join some affiliate groups and start promoting your affiliate products daily, you will get a lot of traffic and sales with simple actions. You need 3 things to post your affiliate products on Facebook groups, one is an attractive title of your product, second is a short description and third thing is an attractive and attractive photo or image. You will have to make these above three things yourself. Do not copy other marketers text, descriptions and photos. You must be creative and be unique from other marketers. But initially you can follow them how they are promoting their products.

When you follow them, after a few days you will get lots of unique and creative ideas. When posting or promoting products on Facebook groups, you should change your post title, description and photo daily. It is very effective in getting lots of leads and sales. People always like unique and creative things, so you should change the above three things regularly. One important thing is to make an attractive photo for your affiliate products, you can use photoshop as well as there are lot of banner making software/tools online using which you can easily make attractive and attractive banner and can be made to your desired size in no time. , minutes without knowledge of Photoshop and graphic design. You can use some of them shown below.

Best Banner Design Tool for Facebook Marketing

Banner Stack




These above banner making tools are really great and fantastic I have personally used these tools for my own marketing. You don’t need to pay anything for making banner. Simply signup using your email account and start creating creative and unique banners online.

When you post your affiliate products daily with different unique and creative banner, title and description, I make sure you get leads and sales. But remember that your post and image should attract people who will buy this product. How much can you earn by posting Affiliate Products of Facebook Group? Well, it’s not a fixed income, but generally if you promote a click-bank product that pays you $25 per sale, and if you post to 50-70 relevant Facebook groups every day , then you can easily get at least 10-20 sales per month. So you would earn $25×20=$500 per month. I have mentioned the minimum amount here, you can do more than that amount. And if you can post more like 200-300 groups every day then you can easily earn more than thousands of dollars per month sitting at home. So, I think this is a great way to earn money on Facebook.

Method-3: Selling Your Services:

If you want to earn money by selling your services then Facebook is a good place where you can promote any kind of services. There are mainly three ways to promote your services, one is to promote your service using fan pages and pinned posts which I have mentioned above. You can promote and sell all kinds of services like traffic generation, graphic design, email marketing, SEO, video creation, voice over works etc. Your fan page should be relevant to your services. If you specialize in graphic design, create a fan page related to graphic design. Selling your services directly on Facebook fan page is not easy, there are some paid apps that you should use like Shopify. And another option you can sell your services is Fiverr and Fan pages. Fiverr is a great place to sell all kinds of services.

Method-4: Selling eBook:

Selling e-books is now a popular way to make money. If you can write a creative eBook that is helpful and can give people solutions to their problems, you can sell it on Facebook. Fan pages are a great place to promote and sell your eBook. If you are a lover of cooking and have a fan page related to cooking, then you can write an attractive e-book including various delicious, tasty and healthy recipes and share this e-book as a pinned post on your fan page. Can be promoted on the page.

Method-5: Facebook Jobs:

Doing various Facebook tasks is a great way to earn money on Facebook. Big companies of the world are providing different types of jobs/tasks on Facebook by paying maximum amount. You can earn $10, $20, $50 per hour on Facebook by doing some simple jobs like group posting, comment posting, likes, messaging, increase engagement, find targeted people on Facebook and message them etc. Anyone can do this type of job and earn. Lots of money sitting at home. Now the question is from where you will get these Facebook jobs. Well, the best place to find Facebook jobs are freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer etc.

The most popular freelancing sites are where you will see that thousands of jobs are coming and going out daily on Facebook. So join those above popular freelancing sites and complete your profile as a social media worker and finally find and apply for jobs. There are mainly two types of Facebook jobs, hourly and fixed price jobs. I personally recommend Hourly Jobs. Hourly jobs are good for fixed pay and fixed price jobs are also good for earning money.