PM Modi Advices : Wash Hands, Wear Mask to Remain Safe

PM Modi Advices Wash Hands, Wear Mask to Remain Safe

PM modi said that Covid-19 cases are increasing across the globe and it is important to stay alert and follow Covid appropriate behaviour.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday advised citizens to follow all Covid-19 Protocols including wearing masks and washing hands regularly to stay safe from the infection. PM made the remark in his monthly and 2022’s last edition of ‘Mann ki Baat’.

PM said, At this time many people are also in the mood for holidays. Enjoy these festivals a lot, but be a little cautious too. You are also seeing that Corona is increasing in many countries of the world, so we have to take more care of precautions like mask and hand washing. If we are careful, then we will also be safe and there will be no hindrance in our enjoyment.

Prime Minister extended greetings to citizens on the occasion of New Year saying that the next edition of the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ will be broadcast in 2023. He said, “We will now meet in 2023. I extend my greetings on the occasion of New Year celebrations. Next year will also be special for India and we have to take the country to new heights.

Talking about the 100th episode of Mann ki Baat, PM said, “My dear countrymen, now we are slowly moving towards the unprecedented mileston of the 100th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. I have received letters from many countrymen, in which they have expressed great Inquisitiveness about the 100th episode. I would like it if you send me your suggestions for what we should talk about in the 100th episode and how to make it special.

PM also talked about a Karnataka couple who are making products from betelnut fiber. he said, “Friends, a couple from Karnataka is sending many unique products made from betelnut fiber to the international market. This is a couple from Shivamogga in Karnataka – Shriman Suresh and his wife Shrimati Maithili. These People are making many decorative things ranging from trays, plates and handbags from betel nut fiber. Chappals made of this fiber are also being liked a lot today. Today their products are being sold in London and other markets of Europe.

He said, “Friends, I would also like to inform the listeners of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ about ‘Quemashree’ Ji, who lives in Gadak district of Karnataka. In the South, ‘Quemshree’ has been continuously engaged for the last 25 years in the mission of reviving the art-culture of Karnataka. You can imagine how great his Tpasya is! Earlier he was associated with profession of Hotel Management. But, his attachment to his culture and tradition was so deep that he made it his mission.”