4 Tips for building Confidence in Public

4 Tips for building Confidence in Public

1. Knowledge.

To build confidence the first step is to gain knowledge about the topic. The current happenings in you surrounding and the world, and the topic you’ll be speaking on…an in-depth understanding helps you stand & face the crowd.

2. Speak slowly.

Give pauses when you speak in public do not rush to speak everything you read. Speaking slowly and calmly helps you connect with audience better, you brain also gets time to think and process further, ask audience, give them chance to speak well, involve them alot.

3. Body language.

Body language works like a magnet.

  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Use gestures to emphasis points.
  • Move around the stage.
  • Match facial expressions.
  • Reduce nervous habits.

4. Practice.

The more you’ll practice the more your brain will consider this as routine, normal activity and you’ll not be fearful, fake it till you make it.