What to do when you have too many ideas

What to do when you have too many ideas

1. Try not to panic

Take a deep breath and calm down for a second. The moment you get frustrated that your brain is buzzing with too many ideas, you begin to forget them one by one.

2. Write down all the ideas you have

Some relevant and others, I’m finding difficult to let go. Some thoughts and ideas I wrote down months and years ago are morphing into content and business strategies for me now. What if I did not write them when I felt my brain was buzzing?

3. Put each into an idea bucket

Put each into an idea bucket or folders, so you can easily find it when you’re ready to implement.
I have folders on my Notes App for work, toddler mom strategies, my business and all my projects.
Now, whenever an idea comes to me, it goes into the right idea bucket.

4. Break them down by priority, size or interest

Which one is most urgent or most exciting to you? Some people choose to execute the largest (most daunting) or maybe the most lucrative.
Start with the project you’re most excited about. This has worked for me. The excitement give me strength to take on the less interesting ones.

5. Consider decreasing your content consumption

….as this is where most of your ideas come from. Stop consuming too much content so you can deal with the ideas in your head at the moment.

Note : Remember though, your creativity is a gift and not a burden.


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